About Us

ACMA is a locally registered company and is synonymous in the local scene with the metal trade. From its early days, the company has focused itself to understanding the requirements and exigencies of its clients. This awareness to plan entrusted jobs in the soonest and most economic manner coupled with the ability to choose and the determination to invest in the most suitable equipment for the job, have proved the commitment that this company has to satisfy its clients to the fullest.

ACMA Factory

The extent of professionalism and exactness as evidenced in our finished works have continued to draw to our services reputable and uncompromising clients as our light engineering works, be it in stainless steel, mild steel or wrought iron, continue to be “exhibited” in numerous hotels, public locations and establishments around the islands.

Employees On Site

ACMA have bilateral trading contacts with European based manufacturers of custom made metal working machines and tools. ACMA also manufactures, be it for the local industry or for export objectives, aluminium, wrought iron or stainless steel on clients’ specifications and designs.

Our manufacture/fabrication line operations mainly evolve around the importation of stainless steel and wrought iron in raw material form, which is in turn, embellished and transformed into semi-finished goods by means of the latest technology machinery. Raw materials are cut, shaped, bended, welded and cleaned into their semi-finished forms. Wrought iron forms are fabricated and grouped, passed through the process of blasting, deep galvanizing, powder painted as required. These finished goods range from door and window guards, tables and garden furniture, balconies, security bars, handrails, spiral staircases. Stainless steel forms have their own fabrication process and their finished form ranges from ladders, staircases, chairs and furniture, accessories for sea craft and swimming pools, handrails, spiral staircases and balconies. Our services also include light engineering consultancy and profile design.

Stainless Steel Staircase

ACMA, subsequent to its capability to understand and satisfy its clients designs, is a continually sought after manufacturing firm.

Should you feel that we can market your products or materials kindly do so by contacting us in your most convenient way.