Wrought Iron

Our wrought iron equipment offers a highly unique range of hand operated tools for cutting, shaping and joining metal. They are safe and easy to use as they do not require electrical power, heat or welding equipment yet they produce highly proficient and repeatable results time after time – perfect for both beginner and professional.

ACMA gives you everything you need to produce the highest quality of metal work and decorative wrought iron work. Whether you are an individual looking for a rewarding hobby or an organisation in training or industry this website provides a guide to the range of equipment we provide and the countless opportunities it provides.

By clicking on the links below, we will introduce you to each of the different types of tool we offer, provide you with specifications for each tool and show you how they work in pictorial or downloadable video form.


Punch & Shears Tools

Dual function hand operated tools for cutting and punching holes in metal strip.


Riveting – Bending – Rolling

Triple action hand operated tools for riveting, bending & rolling metal strip.


Strip Worker

Multi-function hand powered tools for bending, cutting, punching, riveting & rolling


Scroll Formers

Hand operated tools for producing decorative scrolls in metal strip



Hand operated tools for adding decorative twists to metal strip.



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