How To Find Us

ACMA Factory is located at B10c Bulebel Industrial Estate Zejtun, in the southern part of Malta, not too far away from Malta International Airport.

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ACMA Map 1

The Industrial zone of Bulebel is located between Zejtun and Tarxien as shown in the following map.

ACMA Map 2

There are several ways how to reach depending on which part of the island you are coming from. The following map shows two landmarks:

  1. Barrani Road Lights
  2. Hompesch Gate
ACMA Map 3

Coming from Barrani Road:

  1. Turn left on the last set of traffic lights. There is a niche on that corner.
  2. Turn on your first right. You will enter Bulebel Industrial Zone.
  3. Turn on your first left, soon after you pass GO Zejtun Exchange.
  4. Turn on your first right, soon after you pass The Eden Foundation.
ACMA Map 4a

Coming from Hompesch Gate:

  1. From Hompesch Gate turn as if going to Zejtun.
  2. Turn left on the next roundabout. Do not go to Zejtun.
  3. Turn on your first left, as soon as you pass the bus stop.
  4. Keep going straight past the tower and then turn on your second left.
ACMA Map 4b

Please note that our factury is open between Monday to Friday from 730am till 430pm. Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

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