Ram Benders

Practical, lightweight, portable manual tube benders. The Jolly and Junior models are designed to bend annealed copper, steel, stainless steel and other materials depending on the specific version. The unique Ercolina system offers very high multiplication of bending force thanks to the action of a hydraulic ram. In addition, we can supply kits with special tooling for deep drawing, tapering, flaring, and reduction of tubes. All machines, complete with accessories, are supplied in a practical impact-resistant carrying case.

Jolly Electric
Jolly Electric

Typical applications

  • bending and tapering work for small diameter tube in the heating, and plumbing and DIY sectors


Jolly OK 101 (Manual)


Model Max bending capacity Largest tool radius Minimum Bend Radius
0130G 22mm x 1.5mm 68mm Between 3 and 5 times the diameter
0101 22mm x 1.5mm 120mm Between 3 and 5 times the diameter